Candle City Exclusive Handcrafted Unscented 5.5" Taper Candles - 12-Pack (Burns 3.5 Hours)

Candle City Exclusive Handcrafted Unscented 5.5

Candle City Exclusive Handcrafted Unscented 5.5

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This box of 12 magnificent Dipped Tapers by Safed Candles were carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans in the ancient city of Safed,Israel. The candles feature a bold gradient of colors starting with blue at the bottom and moving to turquoise and white. The candles are decorated with white stems and leaves. Taper Candles add an understated elegance and sophistication to any formal event. Whether it is at a wedding, a reception table or just the weekly Shabbat Table, Taper Candles provide just the right amount of textured lighting for that dramatic presentation. Each candle is crafted with quality, innovation and excellence producing an exclusive handcrafted candle, which is smokeless, scentless and dripless. Candles have 100% lead free wicks and fit all standard Taper Candle holders.

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