PK Green 2 Bamboo Torches with 6 Citronella Candles

PK Green 2 Bamboo Torches with 6 Citronella Candles

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Bring some old style decorative charm to your home or garden with these attractive torch style bamboo holders and a set of six citronella real flame candles. Citronella of course is known for its repellent properties where pesky flying insects are concerned especially midges and mosquitoes, so these are perfect to put around when outside having a barbecue during the summer months.

They give off a lemon aroma and look beautiful into the bargain. Each Citronella candle has a burn time of approximately 4-5 hours. The torch holder measure 60 cm in height x 9cm in diameter at the top. Each candle measures 6.5 cm high x 8cm diameter.


- Bamboo Torch Height: 60cm

- Bamboo Torch Width: 9cm

- Candle Height: 6.5cm

- Candle Width: 8cm

- Candle Diameter: 8cm

- Weight: 1.350kg

What you get

- 2 bamboo torches with 6 citronella candles